Help for Individuals

A.A. is set up to help alcoholics who have a desire to stop drinking. If drinking is causing problems in your life or you think you are an alcoholic, we have information on how you can get help from A.A here.

Are you worried you may have a problem with alcohol? We can help you decide whether you think Alcoholics Anonymous is right for you. Take our simple quiz.

Help for Friends and Families

Are you concerned for a friend or family member that you think may have a problem with alcohol?  How can you help?

If an individual’s drinking is causing you problems, or you have issues with an individual who drinks, then you can only suggest they approach A.A. If you are seeking help on how you deal with their drinking, then you should contact Al-Anon Al-Anon Family Groups consist of relatives and friends of alcoholics who, by banding together, can better solve their common problem.

Information for the Media

A.A. is happy to work with media and seeks continued cooperation in protecting the anonymity of our members. Read more about how A.A. works with media and our media policy
We have a dedicated media person and welcome your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding A.A. in New Zealand

Information for Professionals

Alcoholics Anonymous has many A.A. members and service committees who are available to provide professionals with information about Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. has a long history of cooperating but not affiliating with outside organisations and being available to provide A.A. meetings or information about A.A. upon request.

Are you an employer, referrer, or other professional with questions about dealing with alcohol related issues? Find out how we can help you.