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AA NZ- Group/Meeting Registration Form.

  • Use this form to advise GSO of a new Group/Meeting or changes to an existing Group/Meeting.
  • Registration means that GSO will hold a record of your Group/Meeting, and place your Group/Meeting details on the website. The Group/Meeting will be on the GSO mailing list for newsletters, Attitude of Gratitude, Public Information Initiatives etc.
  • Registered Group/Meetings are covered by Public Liability Insurance through NZ General Service Office
  • Registration also ensures that GSO can make contact should a 12 step call be required and to keep the Group/Meeting connected with A.A. as a whole. “Unless there is approximate conformity to A.A.’s Twelve Traditions, the Group/Meeting… can deteriorate and die.”(Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 174).
  • A.A.’s Traditions suggest that a Group/Meeting not be named after a facility or person (living or deceased), and that the name of a Group/Meeting not imply affiliation with any sect.

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  • Contact details

    The contact details of the person submitting this registration are needed for any clarification or follow-up by the web admin. This information is not published.
  • Group/Meeting Venue Details

  • Group/Meeting Mailing Details

    N.B. These addresses will be listed on the Members Website.
  • (Please do not use business email addresses or email addresses that contain member’s names).
  • Group/Meeting Contact Details

    (somebody that visitors can call, new members can contact to find out details regarding the Group/Meeting. GSO will use these details to contact the Group/Meeting if required e.g. a 12 step call is received via the web or phone). N.B. We will only list First Name, First Initial of Surname, Phone number and e mail of Group/Meeting Contact on the Members Website. All other data will be kept confidential by GSO
  • GSO Contact Details

    (a longstanding member of the Group/Meeting who is not expected to move on in the near future). N.B. This information will not be listed on the websites, but will be held by GSO so that GSO can make contact with the Group/Meeting should the Group/Meeting Contact not be able to be reached)

Important Documents

Group Tax Exemptions

Certificate of Exemption

IRD Exempt

Certificate of Registration

Insurance (2021-2022)

Insurance Certificate

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