Online Meetings

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Recently, some of our meetings have had unwanted guests sharing unwanted and objectionable material at online meetings. The solution is not to cancel your meetings or even to set passwords, it is to change your Zoom internal settings to stop people taking control of your meeting. Here is a short video showing the settings and what to change. Also, you can read the detailed guides below and in the shop for more details if needed.


Anonymity in open zoom meetings 

We do not see a Zoom meeting as being any different to an open meeting or a public meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. If we are at an open meeting we are quite visible to any member of the public that decides to come along. If members are aware that it is an open meeting then they have a choice whether to attend. Here is a link to our suggestions for you to discuss with your groups regarding anonymity.

Things are changing quickly. All meetings will be in recess from 25th March. We are asking that groups let GSO know if their meeting is available online. If your group is starting a Zoom (or similar) meeting can you send the details to The details we need are:
1. a first name
2. a mobile number
3. the Zoom link if you have set up a consistent weekly virtual meeting

Suggestions are that you provide us the web link, not just the Zoom meeting ID number and that you don’t require a pin number for an open meeting (easier for those unfamiliar with Zoom to find).

We realise that not everyone is technically savvy on these things but we are learning fast and we trust that someone in your conscience group will be able to help get your group up and running using an online format.

If you are struggling and can’t find a meeting please call 0800 229 6757 or email us on

There are a number of international meetings people can attend as well as local Zoom meetings and the question of anonymity with zoom meetings is being asked.


How to create a Zoom meeting

The following attached guide is a how-to for creating or attending a Zoom meeting. There are also lots of guides online at places like YouTube. It’s worth bearing in mind, that it’s not necessary for every group to create an online meeting as there is nothing stopping you joining another group meeting either in NZ or overseas.

Zoom guide (word document) or

Zoom guide (PDF)


How to deal with bad Zoom guests

Here is a guide to the Zoom skills you will need if your meeting is gate-crashed by someone intending to disrupt or offend. It is also a good idea to be familiar with all of Zoom system settings to ensure you are running the best meeting possible for your guests as well as for you the host.  Download the guide here.

Current Online Meetings

Time Day Group Name and Zoom link
NOW Daily Anywhere and Everywhere [password: 169258]
7:00 Monday Zoom into the World of the Spirit – Reflections on Steps 10&11
10:00 Monday Mt Eden Morning Group – ABSI [password: sober] 
10:30 Monday Blockhouse Bay Auckland – One Day At A Time
11:00 Monday The Open Door – Gisborne (Newcomers & Returnees)
12:00 Monday Whangarei Heads Monday
12:15 Monday Lunchtime at Pollen Street
18:30 Monday AA Rainbow Recovery Group (LGBTIQ)
19:00 Monday Auckland Young People in Sobriety – Big Book Study
19:00 Monday From the Ground Up – Nelson
19:00 Monday Richmond Monday Night
19:00 Monday Monday At Knox 
19:00 Monday Gisborne Monday Meeting
19:00 Monday Waiheke Phoenix AA [password: 138880]
19:00 Monday Lincoln AA
19:30 Monday Waihi Monday Night [password: 059264]
19:30 Monday Whangarei Monday Night
19:30 Monday Auckland Remmers Monday
19:30 Monday Christchurch Primary Purpose Big Book Study
19:30 Monday Dunedin AA Monday – Courage to Change
19:30 Monday Hokitika Monday Big Book Study
19:30 Monday Kilbirnie Monday Night Open Meeting
19:30 Monday Monday Night Kaiapoi
19:30 Monday Monday Night Kilbirnie
19:30 Monday Palmerston North Monday  [password: Monday]
19:30 Monday Parnell Steps & Traditions
19:30 Monday Remuera Monday AA
19:30 Monday Invercargill Monday Night
19:30 Monday Monday Night Hawkes Bay Steps and Traditions 
19:30 Monday Monday Night Zoom
19:30 Monday AA Monday Night Meeting Blenheim 
19:30 Monday Bulls and Bears AA Meeting [password: 036493]
19:30 Monday Monday Night Jenkins Street Invercargill  
19:30 Monday Tawa/Linden AA meeting [password: 141967]
19:30 Monday Te Hokinga Mai AA
20:00 Monday Pukekohe Monday Night
20:00 Monday Devonport Refit 12×12 [password: Monday]
20:00 Monday Christchurch Living Sober 
7:00 Tuesday Zoom into the World of the Spirit – Reflections on Steps 10&11
11:00 Tuesday The Open Door – Gisborne (Newcomers & Returnees)
12:00 Tuesday Albany 12pm Midday Meeting [password: Tuesday]
12:15 Tuesday Lunchtime at Pollen Street
12:30 Tuesday Hamilton Tuesday Lunchtime BB
18:50 Tuesday Aquarius Meeting LGBTQIA+ 
19:00 Tuesday Gisborne AA Tuesday (General Sharing)
19:00 Tuesday Hamilton Tuesday Big Book Meeting
19:00 Tuesday Akron Big Book Tuesday Remuera
19:00 Tuesday Queenstown Tuesday Night 
19:30 Tuesday Rotherham Tuesday Night [password: 059599]
19:30 Tuesday Christchurch Tuesday  Big Book Study
19:30 Tuesday Mangere Bridge Daily Reflections [password: 295641]
19:30 Tuesday Petone Tuesday group
19:30 Tuesday Rotorua Tuesday Big Book 
19:30 Tuesday Te Awamutu Steps and Promises [password: 033586]
19:30 Tuesday Torbay Tuesday
19:30 Tuesday Torbay Tuesday Night  [password: 055217]
19:30 Tuesday Tuesday SOS Birkenhead
19:30 Tuesday Tuesday Night Big Book – Wellington
19:30 Tuesday Tuesday Big Book Study Meeting, Dunedin
19:30 Tuesday Paihia Tuesday Night
19:30 Tuesday Pegasus – if you wish to attend, please text Richard 0272078155
20:00 Tuesday Avondale Tuesday Night
20:00 Tuesday Avondale Tuesday Night 
20:00 Tuesday Highbury Group 164
20:00 Tuesday Pt Chev Tuesday
20:00 Tuesday Tuesday night Hawkes Bay Daily Refections 
20:00 Tuesday The Pier Group New Brighton Christchurch
7:00 Wednesday Zoom into the World of the Spirit – Reflections on Steps 10&11
10:00 Wednesday Mt Eden Morning Group – 12×12 [password: sober]
10:00 Wednesday Tauranga Eye Opener [1st & 3rd Wed of the month)
10:30 Wednesday Wednesday Morning Hawkes Bay As Bill Sees it 
11:00 Wednesday The Open Door – Gisborne (Newcomers & Returnees)
12:00 Wednesday AA on Cumberland
12:00 Wednesday Auckland Milford Midday
12:00 Wednesday Gisborne AA Wednesday lunch time As Bill Sees it [pw: 056280]
12:15 Wednesday Lunchtime at Pollen Street
17:30 Wednesday Wednesday Night As Bill Sees It – Wellington
18:00 Wednesday Ponsonby – Expect Miracles
18:00 Wednesday Lyttelton Men’s Steps (Closed)
18:30 Wednesday Springston Sobriety Study – Bring Big Book and 12×12 – Christchurch
19:00 Wednesday Auckland Young People in Sobriety – Steps and Traditions
19:00 Wednesday Nelson Big Book Study
19:00 Wednesday Wednesday Night Reflections and Recovery – Whangarei 
19:00 Wednesday Waimauku Wednesday
19:30 Wednesday Cambridge AA
19:30 Wednesday Christchurch – Came To Believe
19:30 Wednesday Christchurch Women’s Steps and Traditions
19:30 Wednesday Fendalton Wednesday
19:30 Wednesday Hawea Flat Wednesday Night [password: 041490]
19:30 Wednesday Rotorua Living Sober  
19:30 Wednesday Orakei Wednesday Night – Daily Reflections
19:30 Wednesday Tauranga New Beginnings [password: serenity]
19:30 Wednesday Titirangi Wednesday Meeting
19:30 Wednesday Upper Hutt Steps for Recovery 
19:30 Wednesday Wednesday Night Grace Meeting – Paraparaumu 
19:30 Wednesday Women Out West
19:30 Wednesday Wednesday Night Papatoetoe [password: 765743]
19:30 Wednesday Cambridge Big Book [password: 630584]
19:30 Wednesday Rangiora – if you wish to attend, please text Richard 0272078155
20:00 Wednesday Auckland Tamaki Wednesday Night
20:00 Wednesday Waiuku Wednesday Night  [password: waiuku]
20:00 Wednesday Mt Albert Home Group, Auckland 
7:00 Thursday Zoom into the World of the Spirit – Reflections on Steps 10&11
10:30 Thursday Blockhouse Bay Auckland – One Day At A Time
11:00 Thursday The Open Door – Gisborne (Newcomers & Returnees)
12:00 Thursday Northcote – Big Book Steps
12:00 Thursday Thursday Lunchtime Grace Meeting – Paraparaumu 
12:15 Thursday Lunchtime at Pollen Street
12:30 Thursday Hamilton Thursday Lunchtime BB
12:45 Thursday Petone Thursday [password: 248184]
15:00 Thursday True West AA Meeting
17:30 Thursday Petone Thursday
17:30 Thursday AA for Atheists
18:00 Thursday Beginners 2000
18:30 Thursday Thursday Detox 
19:00 Thursday AA Gisborne (General Sharing)   
19:00 Thursday City Steps – Christchurch
19:00 Thursday Park Bench AA 
19:00 Thursday Roanga Meeting at Kawakawa
19:00 Thursday Takapuna Thursday Night [password: Thursday]
19:00 Thursday The Fellowship Of The Spirit Central Otago 
19:00 Thursday Thursday Night Cockle Bay Meeting
19:30 Thursday Tauranga Thursday Night Big Book
19:30 Thursday AA New Beginnings – Napier [password: 218077]
19:30 Thursday Dunedin Thursday Night Steps
19:30 Thursday Ellerslie Speaker Meeting [password: 542397]
19:30 Thursday Geyserland Group of AA
19:30 Thursday Glen Eden Thursday Night  [password: 1234]
19:30 Thursday Hamilton Womens’ Action Group
19:30 Thursday Hokitika Thursday Night
19:30 Thursday Otaki Thursday AA [password: 096122]
19:30 Thursday Vision For You
19:30 Thursday Thursday Tapu Te Ranga 
19:30 Thursday Dargaville Thurs Night
19:30 Thursday Mt Roskill AA Thursday
19:30 Thursday Whangarei Women’s Group
19:30 Thursday Rotorua Geyserland
19:45 Thursday Invercargill Central Group – As Bill Sees It
20:00 Thursday Browns Bay Thursday Night [password: 093648]
20:00 Thursday St David’s Thursday Steps – Auckland
7:00 Friday Zoom into the World of the Spirit – Reflections on Steps 10&11
10:00 Friday Mt Eden Morning Group – BBAA [password: sober]
10:00 Friday Tauranga Eye Opener
11:00 Friday The Open Door – Gisborne (Newcomers & Returnees)
12:00 Friday Silverdale Friday Lunchtime
12:00 Friday Kerikeri Beginners Meeting [password: 111965]
12:00 Friday Rotorua City Hope
12:15 Friday AA Friday Lunch Dunedin
12:15 Friday Lunchtime at Pollen Street
17:30 Friday Living Sober – Wellington (contact the group for details)
18:00 Friday Christchurch TGIF
18:30 Friday Christchurch Women in Recovery [password: 379008]
19:00 Friday Blockhouse Bay Hope AA  [password: hope]
19:00 Friday Friday Night – Waiheke  [password: 8388298]
19:00 Friday Friday Night Steps and Traditions Dunedin [password: 090722]
19:15 Friday Northcote Steps Meeting [password: 026261]
19:30 Friday AA Wanaka Friday Night Meeting [password: serenity]
19:30 Friday Eastbourne Serenity
19:30 Friday Friday Night Grace Meeting – Paraparaumu 
19:30 Friday Katikati Friday Night
19:30 Friday Nelson Friday Night Steps & Traditions Meeting
19:30 Friday Friday Night Serenity – Tauranga
19:30 Friday St Martins Friday Night
19:30 Friday Mt  Eden Friday Night  [password: 123456]
19:30 Friday Friday Night Steps (Pakuranga) [password: sobertoday]
19:30 Friday Rangiora – if you wish to attend, please text Richard 0272078155
19:30 Friday Rotorua Primary Purpose Steps
19:30 Thursday Havelock Thursday AA
20:00 Friday Belmont Friday Night – Auckland  [password:22222]
20:00 Friday Kohi Friday Nights
20:00 Friday Tuakau Friday Night AA Meeting
7:00 Saturday Zoom into the World of the Spirit – Reflections on Steps 10&11
8:00 Saturday Nelson Saturday Morning Breakfast Meeting
8:30 Saturday Plimmerton Third Step Breakfast Group  [password:963963]
9:00 Saturday 11th Step Meditation
9:00 Saturday Takapuna Saturday – A New Day
9:00 Saturday Epsom ABSI Saturday 
9:30 Saturday Cambridge Prayer & Meditation 
10:00 Saturday Mt Maunganui Women’s meeting
10:00 Saturday Newtown Saturday Earlybird 
11:00 Saturday The Open Door – Gisborne (Newcomers & Returnees)
16:00 Saturday AA Balmoral Thank You 
16:00 Saturday Rotorua City Hope (as Bill sees it)
17:00 Saturday Browns Bay Living Sober [038130]
17:30 Saturday Hokitika Saturday Steps & Traditions
19:00 Saturday Auckland Young People in Sobriety – topic meeting
19:00 Saturday Hamilton Wild Bunch
19:00 Saturday Nelson Living Sober
19:00 Saturday Saturday Remuera Men’s Group (closed group)
19:30 Saturday Tauranga Saturday Night Big Book Study
19:30 Saturday St Davids Khyber Pass [password: 534356]
20:00 Saturday Saturday Night Hawkes Bay 
7:00 Sunday Zoom into the World of the Spirit – Reflections on Steps 10&11
8:00 Sunday Auckland Sunday Sunrise
8:00 Sunday Wellington Sunday Spiritual Concepts 
10:00 Sunday Auckland Tamaki Sunday
10:00 Sunday Birkenhead
10:00 Sunday Eastbourne Sunday
10:30 Sunday Hamilton Sunday Serenity
10:30 Sunday Hamilton Sunday Serenity [password: 329746]
10:30 Sunday Rotorua Sunday Serenity Group
11:00 Sunday The Open Door – Gisborne (Newcomers & Returnees)
11:00 Sunday Sunday Serenity – Auckland
11:00 Sunday Sunday morning North Harbour [password: 726717]
14:00 Sunday Raumati Sunday Serenity
16:30 Sunday Whangarei Sunday Serenity
17:00 Sunday Big Book Sunday (Hastings) 
18:00 Sunday Sunday Reflections Wellington [password: 466657]
18:00 Sunday Waterloo Sunday Night
18:00 Sunday Rangiora – if you wish to attend, please text Richard 0272078155
18:15 Sunday Sunday West Home Group
19:00 Sunday Parnell Language of the Heart [password: fiji]
19:00 Sunday Altered Attitudes – Christchurch
19:00 Sunday Rotherham Sunday Night [password: 081376]
19:00 Sunday Invercargill Sunday Night
19:00 Sunday Seaside Steps – Reading from the Steps and Traditions
19:30 Sunday Onehunga Sunday Night 
19:30 Sunday Sunday Night Dunedin 
19:30 Sunday Titirangi Sunday Meeting
19:30 Sunday Sunday Renwick 12 steps and 12 traditions 
19:30 Sunday “There is a Solution” – Epsom 
19:30 Sunday Ngongotaha Sunday Night
20:00 Sunday Friends of Bill and Bob Online Meeting

International Meetings

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