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2019 Convention Survey

If you attended the 57th Annual Convention this year, please complete our satisfaction survey. This short two-minute survey will help us target future efforts. The survey will be open and run until 16th Feb.

57th Convention Survey link


NZ General Service Conference

Click here to read the New Zealand Service Manual


A.A Members Survey 2019

Every 3 years A.A conducts a survey to keep members informed on current trends and changes in our fellowship.
The survey also provides information about A.A. to the professional community and to the general public as part of A.A.’s purpose to carry our message to those who still suffer from alcoholism.
The survey will be open until the end of December. We encourage you to share the message within the fellowship with those who would like to participate.


Gratitude Month 2019

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to Gratitude Month in July. We have been overjoyed at the response to this year’s initiative.
It’s also been wonderful to hear about groups organising Movie nights and other fun activities to raise funds this year.
We have now taken the first step to developing the new website so we can provide the best service possible to the suffering alcoholic in a digital age.


Freight charges for Literature

Following GSO’s recent review of freight charges, which have steadily increased in recent years, we realise that we are not covering our costs when sending out small packages.
At its meeting in April, Conference agreed the following:
For orders under $100, a charge of $7 will be added toward shipping costs.
For orders over $100, shipping will remain free of charge.