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Updated 1/04/2020

We are aware that meetings last night experienced hacking and some disturbing behaviour. We have very quickly developed a short video and links to information to enable you to be safe in your online meetings. If you are experiencing any concerns or need help please email us at

Covid-19 Updated 30/03/2020 – Frequently Asked Questions

7th Tradition

  • Here is some shared experience from groups who are working through how to continue to observe our 7th tradition during the lockdown, which allows us to continue carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic.
  • Example for Chair / Secretary to read out: “The 7th tradition will be called for at the end of this meeting. We still need your support. We would like to continue to support the A.A service structure in order to reach the still suffering alcoholic. Here are the bank account details for XXX Group”
  • Some meetings are putting the bank details in with the Zoom details
  • Some meetings are making a downloadable PDF bank details, available via the chat function at the end of the meeting.
  • Some meetings are sending out an email with the bank details when the people register for the group(closed group)
  • Our website now has an active 7th Tradition page under the member’s heading here.


  • While we know that Covid-19 will impact us it is unclear what that impact will be at this stage. Be assured are monitoring the situation. At this time all we are asking groups to do is look at any funds sitting in bank accounts for no stated AA purpose and to consider sending these to GSO. Individuals or groups can also contribute directly to GSO via the link here

What about paying rent to our meeting venue ?

  • It is suggested your group makes a decision about what to do with rent payments during the lockdown. Some groups are continuing to pay rent and others have negotiated with the venue. At the very least a conversation with the venue should be had.

Online meetings

  • Here is the link to our suggestions around anonymity. Things are changing and we will continue to share suggestions around anonymity as we gather your shared experiences.
  • Within our online meetings page here, we have two useful guides for both new users of the Zoom tool here and for hosts dealing with unwanted or badly behaved guests here.

What can I do to help the still suffering alcoholic

  • At this time you can volunteer your time to help with the 0800 lines. Make contact with your local area delegate ( your GSR will have these contact details )
  • Your group can reach out to local medical centres, pharmacies, police stations and institutions. We will have more information for you on this post Conference next week.

Covid 19: Update 25/03/2020

Online Meetings

We have created a new page on the website for online meetings. See here

Thank you to those groups that have sent in online meeting details. If you are setting up an online meeting and want people to access it please send the details through to GSO on and we will load the details on the website.

GSO/ Literature orders

GSO is closed as per the Covid 19 protocols ie all non- essential businesses must close. We will advise if this changes.

AA Grapevine

For members requiring some new reading material AA Grapevine has an offer of free access to all their 2020 issues online at

GSO Contact

All emails will be responded to within 2 working days. Email is the preferred method of contact at present.

0800 Number

0800 Number (08002296757)

As you would expect this is a priority and our 0800 lines remain open. It will remain as the best way to connect someone who is struggling, to someone in their area.


Zoom Meetings and Meetings in Recess 23/03/20

Things are changing quickly. All meetings will be in recess or have moved to an online format from midnight Wednesday. If your group is starting a Zoom (or similar) meeting can you send the details to The details we need are:

  1. a group name and time
  2. a first name contact
  3. a mobile number
  4. the Zoom link

We realise that not everyone is technically savvy but we are learning fast and we trust that someone in your conscience group will be able to help get your group up and running using an online format.

If you are struggling and can’t find a meeting please call 0800 229 6757 or email us on

There are a number of international meetings people can attend as well as local zoom meetings and the question of anonymity with zoom meetings is being asked. Attached are our suggestions for you to discuss with your groups regarding anonymity.


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: Friday 20/03/20


We are continuing to monitor the MOH and compiling experience from A.A. World Services as things develop. We are cautious about appearing to tell groups what to do. We don’t want to rotate the triangle with us on top.  We are however receiving inquiries from the fellowship asking for suggestions so we have put together the following FAQ’s.

We hope it is of some help as we navigate these uncertain times.

What can I do as an individual?

  • Follow the Ministry of Health Guidelines
  • Stay away from a meeting if you are feeling unwell or if you have been exposed to the virus
  • Keep in touch with your home group members
  • Reach out to those who may be struggling

What can my group do?

  • Avoid any physical contact, including shaking hands, hugs, hongis and handholding;
  • Making sure meeting tables are clean
  • Suspending coffee, tea and food for the time being
  • Social distancing ( rearrange chairs etc)
  • Check the A.A website for updates here
  • Email if you have any questions

What about other ways to meet?

Some groups have considered contingency plans in case the group is temporarily unable to meet in person. Plans have included:

  • Creating contact lists and keeping in touch by phone,
  • Email
  • Meeting by phone or online.

If a group isn’t holding its regular meetings, we ask you to please communicate this to GSO so we can note this on the website. Please email with the subject heading “Meeting in recess” These will be actioned by the Website subcommittee.

We have created a “how to” page how to set up a zoom meeting for members to meet virtually here

There are also audio meetings that you can listen to Link here



We have attached a link to the Safety in AA pamphlet from GSO New York here for guidance for groups on how to act around safety in meetings.

Questions that groups may want to ask themselves at their group conscience meetings

What do we do if a member arrives at a meeting with a cold/ flu?

How do we cooperate with authorities if there is a confirmed case at a meeting?

How do we protect those at risk in our meetings?

Helpful Resources for A.A. Members and Groups

  • A.A. pamphlet, “Questions & Answers on Sponsorship.”**
  • A.A. pamphlet, “The A.A. Group… Where it All Begins.”**


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: Monday 16/03/20

The General Service Office (G.S.O.) has been receiving inquiries about how groups should respond to the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Groups and members are concerned about health and safety issues, and are looking for guidance on how to address this question.

The General Service Office is a repository of shared group experience and functions as a resource centre for A.A. members and groups who are looking for the shared experience of the Fellowship. Providing guidance on health issues is outside the scope of the A.A. sharing that G.S.O. offers. However, we might suggest contacting The Ministry of Health for appropriate information.

We do have some general experience to share regarding how some groups and members have begun to address this issue. Our collected experience suggests that talking about these issues before they arise can help a group be prepared to address them in a sensible and helpful manner and allow the group to continue keeping the focus on our common welfare and primary purpose.

Some groups have discussed making changes to customs at their meetings. Some examples have included: avoiding shaking hands and handholding; making sure meeting hospitality tables are sanitary; or suspending food hospitality for the time being. Regardless of group decisions, each individual is responsible for their own health decisions.

Some groups have considered contingency plans in case the group is temporarily unable to meet in person. Plans have included: creating contact lists and keeping in touch by phone, email or social media; meeting by phone or online. If a group isn’t holding its regular meetings, they may want to communicate this to GSO.

G.S.O. has also received inquiries about the A.A. events it coordinates throughout the year.

The “whats new” section of the member’s page here is where we will update you regarding events. Please be assured that the health and safety of attendees is a priority and we are closely monitoring relevant health advisories regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).”

G.S.O will still be sending out literature orders but will be closed for onsite literature collection

for the time being while we work through our plan with G.S.O staff.


We hope this limited sharing is helpful.


Coronavirus Update: Friday 13/03/2020

Yesterday the WHO officially declared that the global coronavirus is now a pandemic. From a New Zealand point of view, there is no change to the current status or plans.

We are continuing to monitor the MOH website for updates daily and that at this stage; the WHO update doesn’t affect the Board’s suggestions to our members.


Coronavirus Update: Tuesday 10/03/2020

What does it mean for A.A.?
The board met on Monday night to discuss the possible impact of 2019-nCoV on A.A. in New Zealand. While the risk to the fellowship is currently low, we have taken the steps below;

  • Tasked our World Service Delegates to liaise with other countries and gather thoughts and suggestions.
  • Formed a subcommittee to plan alternative ways to meet should this be required.
  • Monitoring the Ministry of Health website daily.

What does it mean for your A.A group?
We would suggest that each group considers all of our traditions in any decisions that they make particularly considering Traditions One and Four.

If your group is looking for suggestions we recommend The Ministry of Health Guidelines which we’ve included here.

For further updates keep an eye on this page…



Given the news around the Coronavirus, we are sharing some information which you may find useful. As of now New Zealand has only one confirmed case  of 2019-nCoV in  New Zealand, but the Ministry of Health are advising precautions for the general public to take which we’ve included here.

What does it mean for A.A.?

The board met on Monday night to discuss the possible impact of 2019-nCoV on A.A. While the risk to our fellowship is currently low we have taken the steps below;

  • Tasked our World Service Delegates to liaise with other countries and gather thoughts and suggestions.
  • Formed a subcommittee to look at alternative ways to meet should this be required.
  • Monitoring the Ministry of Health website daily.

What does it mean for your A.A group?

As each A.A group is autonomous it is up to each group to decide on how it will deal with 2019-nCoV. We would like to suggest that the Ministry of Health Guidelines around prevention is adequate for now.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to email us on



Fellowship Support For Mainstay

Mainstay has been a valued part of A.A. since its inception in June 1955 and was given by its founders to the AA membership to manage in 1964. It has been our meeting in print all those years but in recent times subscription rates have been falling and with the approval of the November Conference your Board has set up a sub-committee to try and revitalise interest in Mainstay.

We have made the changes we needed at the magazine and Board end and we now need the support of the membership of A.A. to ensure we have not only a financially viable magazine but one that is an asset to our fellowship in carrying the message of A.A. For that we are all responsible and the assistance  we need from the fellowship is;

  • Less than 25% of registered A.A. Groups subscribe to Mainstay. Please at your next group conscience discuss subscribing to one or two Mainstays.
  • Some groups, Intergroups or District Committees have also sponsored subscriptions into Prisons, Treatment Centres etc. It is 12th Step work which can be done at local level.
  • Individual subscriptions are also important with a printed subscription available and a new option of an electronic version at a reduced cost now an option. Will you become a subscriber? Go to our website and subscribe! Go to and click on the shop tab (top right hand side) and see the subscription options listed on left hand side below book selections.
  • We also need letters sharing our recovery stories. We will suggest topics but any letters on a recovery subject dear to your heart are welcome. Please discuss with others as well and see if your groups can organise a flow of letters. This is 12th step work which reaches a large audience. We now have a dedicated site for letters which is and the previous 600 word limit is dropped.
  • Any other content suggestions are welcome and also we want your feedback as each issue comes out and a website for this has been set up. Email

Annual subscriptions run from April each year with six magazines produced every even calendar month. A printed copy mailed is $36 and an electronic version available to download via an emailed link is $24. New subscription outside the 12 month period April 2020 to March 2021 have a pro rata cost according to the number of issues left for the subscription year.

Yours In Service

Mainstay Sub Committee



NZ General Service Conference

Click here to read the New Zealand Service Manual



Freight charges for Literature

Following GSO’s recent review of freight charges, which have steadily increased in recent years, we realise that we are not covering our costs when sending out small packages.
At its meeting in April, Conference agreed the following:
For orders under $100, a charge of $7 will be added toward shipping costs.
For orders over $100, shipping will remain free of charge.