Open Meetings

Many thousands of alcoholics who found sobriety in AA, were first put in contact with AA by a non-alcoholic, be it a concerned Doctor, Policeman, Social Worker, etc.

These good friends of AA knew AA existed, where it could be found and what help AA offered to the problem drinker.

Often concerned family members and friends are the first to make contact with A.A.

Open meetings of A.A allow non-alcoholics; those wishing to know more about alcoholism and how AA can help to attend.

In short, anyone can attend an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous but only those who identify as having a problem with alcohol will be asked to participate.

Click here for a list of Open Meetings in New Zealand.

Closed Meetings

Closed meetings of A.A are limited to those who have a desire to stop drinking and those that think they might have a problem with alcohol.

Members are encouraged to confine their discussion with their problems as they relate to alcoholism in both open and closed meetings.