Why do service in AA?

The benefits of being involved in service to our fellowship are unexplainable if you have not participated in it. It is the same as the effect produced by alcohol for the alcoholic, mere words cannot convey it to those who have not experienced it and service, like all things spiritual, has to be experienced to be understood.

While it plays such a vital role in recovery, it is still something that my alcoholism resists, sometimes obviously and sometimes subconsciously. My illness is always trying to edge me little by little, closer to the exit of A.A. and as they say, the wolf always takes the sheep at the edge of the flock.

Service is one side of our equilateral triangle, the other sides being Recovery and Unity, this allows me to lead a balanced life and to show my gratitude, which, as I have been taught by the old-timers, is something we do, not something we talk about.

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A.A. Service structure

Service Positions Available

There are currently voluntary positions available, please click the title links to read the role descriptions.

Class A Board Member (currently vacant)

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Class B Board Member (applications for 2022)

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Treasurer Board Member (currently vacant)

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