Twelfth Step work is the lifeblood of Alcoholics Anonymous — carrying the message to the next suffering alcoholic. Without it, the Fellowship would wither and die. Yet, even at its simplest level this vital contact between one alcoholic and another involves an investment of time and money.

We cannot skimp

With the realization that A.A. must steer clear of outside contributions in order to maintain its autonomy and independence came the understanding that the money necessary for A.A.’s survival would have to come from individual A.A. members and groups. As Bill W. put it in 1957, “Our spiritual way of life is safe for future generations if, as a Society, we resist the temptation to receive money from the outside world. But this leaves us with a responsibility — one that every member ought to understand. We cannot skimp when the treasurer of our group passes the hat. Our groups, our areas, and A.A. as a whole will not function unless our services are sufficient and their bills are paid.

Group Finances

As AA as a whole is self-supporting through its own contributions (7th Tradition). The group may “pass the basket” to receive contributions from AA members only. This collection pays for rent, refreshments, literature and any other group expenses as determined by the group conscience. Groups should consider the costs that the Intergroup/DCM representative and GSR may incur when attending Intergroup, DCMs or Area Assemblies on their behalf. Groups usually pass on surplus funds (money left following the payment of group expenses) in a formula decided by the group conscience. The money is then sent proportionally to the local Intergroup/District Committee, Area Assembly and the General Service Office. Originally this was called the “60/30/10 Plan”, however, each group is autonomous and should disperse the surplus as the group conscience sees fit.

For more information read Self Support – Where Money and Spirituality Mix

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Where to send your group’s money

The following list has been compiled to facilitate the distribution of group funds.





Auckland Service Centre:

AASC bank details



Southern Area:

Southern Area Assembly bank details



Nelson Intergroup bank details



Central Area

Central Area Assembly bank details



Mid Central Intergroup bank details



Hawkes Bay Intergroup



Northern Area 

Northern Area Assembly bank details



Northland District Committee bank details



Auckland District Committee bank details

Northern Zone 3


North Auckland District Committee bank details

Northern Zone 1



Waikato District Committee



Wellington District Committee

Wellington Intergroup Main: Westpac 03-0558-0219941-00

Wellington Intergroup Pink Tin: Westpac 03-0558-0219941-01