9:00 am Mahu Sunday [REOPENED] Addington Salvation Army Centre 35 Collins Street Canterbury Open
10:30 am Christchurch Sunday Fellowship [REOPENED] Christchurch YMCA 12 Hereford Street Canterbury Open
12:30 pm 11th Step Hour of Power [IN RECESS] Avon Loop Community Cottage 28 Hurley Street Canterbury Closed
5:30 pm Christchurch Sunday Steps Group [REOPENED] Saint Barnabas Church Hall 8 Tui Street Canterbury Open
6:00 pm Rangiora Hope and Faith [REOPENED] Rangiora Methodist Church 176 King Street Canterbury Open
6:30 pm Christchurch As Bill Sees It Sunday Salvation Army House 17 Southampton Street Canterbury Open
7:00 pm Sunday Seaside Steps [REOPENED]+[ONLINE - full audio/video] Online Meeting Community Centre Mccormacks Bay Road Canterbury Online Meeting, Open
7:00 pm Altered Attitudes [REOPENED] Knox Church Committee Room 28 Bealey Avenue Canterbury Open
7:00 pm Rotherham Sunday [REOPENED] Rotherham Church Hall 57 Wilkin Street Canterbury Open
7:00 pm Waikiki South St James Anglican Church 750 Harewood Road Canterbury Open
7:30 pm Temuka Sunday Temuka Saint John Ambulance Hall 47 King Street Canterbury Closed