AA and Prisons/Correctional Facilities

Alcoholics Anonymous has been active visiting prisons and other correctional facilities for many years.

Thanks to the efforts of past members these meetings have been maintained in their original form……as a normal AA meeting held within the confines of a Correctional Facility.

AA members, like all other prison visitors, have to go through a security screening process and a brief Health and Safety Induction. AA does not have any affiliation with the facilities, we are visitors.

On release inmates are encouraged to attend meetings of AA groups.

Staying sober ourselves by doing service within the Prisons can be our guarantee of remaining sober and amounts to us fulfilling AA’s Primary Purpose, as stated in the Preamble….that of staying sober ourselves and carrying the message to others.

The only thing AA members take to prisons is the message of AA, carried through our sharing and literature.