Throughout the world, favorable media coverage has been one of the principal means of bringing alcoholics into recovery and saving lives and families.
For many years, we in A.A. have appreciated the support we have received from those who have respected the anonymity of people who attend A.A. meetings. This has assisted in saving countless lives of people who may be afraid to seek help for fear of being identified.
Anonymity lies at the heart of our Fellowship and assures our members that their recovery will be private. Often, the active alcoholic will avoid any source of help which might reveal his or her identity. We respectfully ask for co-operation in protecting the anonymity of people who attend or may our meetings at the public level.  When presenting A.A. members or anybody who attends one of our meetings:

  • you use first names only
  • you do not use pictures in which their faces may be recognized.

In accordance with our Traditions, Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues.
Alcoholics Anonymous is also not affiliated with any other organisation, although many have adapted A.A.'s Twelve Steps for their own use.
Alcoholics Anonymous is self-supporting, declining outside contributions.
Alcoholics Anonymous is non-professional, offering only the voluntary support of one alcoholic helping another.

Help for Individuals

Help for Individuals

Are you worried you may have a problem with alcohol?
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Help for Concerned Family

Are you concerned for a friend or family member? Where can you find help or support?

Information for Professionals

Are you an employer, referrer, or other professional with questions?
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Information for the Media

AA appreciates Media cooperation in protecting the anonymity of our members. Read our media policy.


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