Only people can decide for themselves that they are alcoholic but there are clear signs that can indicate someone has a drinking problem that is more than just heavy drinking.
AA members are people who have admitted they are powerless over their own drinking and that is difference between alcoholics and heavy drinkers.

Do you think someone may have a problem?

Here is a simple test to see if someone you know now may have crossed the line and might benefit from AA attendance.

    1. Have they decided to stop drinking for a week or so, but only lasted for a couple of days?
    2. Are they overly sensitive, dismissive or aggressive to discussion as to how much they are drinking and what it is doing to them?
    3. Do they really seem to want to stop drinking sometimes but can't?
    4. Have they had work or personal problems connected with drinking during the past year?
    5. Have they missed days of work or school because of drinking? Or have they lost jobs because of drinking?
    6. Have they missed any important events due to their drinking?
    7. Do they need a drink to get started in the morning, or to stop shaking?
    8. Do they seem to have memory "blackouts"? A "blackout" is when someone has been drinking hours or days which they cannot remember.
    9. Does their personality change when they drink and do they do things that are very much out of character?
    10. Does drinking or the opportunity of drinking, at home, or anywhere else, totally outweigh other priorities such as friends, family, work. activities?

Your Score:   0

What's The Score?

Did you answer YES four or more times? If so, they are probably in trouble with alcohol. Why do we say this? Because thousands of people in A.A. have said so for many years. They found out the truth about themselves - the hard way. But again, only people can decide for themselves whether they think A.A. is for them

A.A. does not promise to solve life's problems. But we can show people how we are learning to live without drinking "one day at a time." We stay away from that "first drink." If there is no first one, there cannot be a tenth one. And when we got rid of alcohol, we found that life became much more manageable.

Help for Individuals

Help for Individuals

Are you worried you may have a problem with alcohol?
Take our simple quiz.

Help for Concerned Family

Are you concerned for a friend or family member? Where can you find help or support?

Information for Professionals

Are you an employer, referrer, or other professional with questions?
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Information for the Media

AA appreciates Media cooperation in protecting the anonymity of our members. Read our media policy.


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