Alcoholics Anonymous operates a 24-hour telephone contact service on 0800 2296757. This will connect you to A.A. volunteers in the area you are calling from. The volunteers will be happy to answer your questions or put you in touch with those who can.

In our experience, the people who recover in A.A. are those who:

  • attend A.A. meetings regularly
  • seek out the people in A.A. they like who have successfully stayed sober for some time
  • put into practice the simple principles of AA’s program of recovery
  • stay away from the first drink one day at a time.


The majority of A.A. members believe that we have found the solution to our drinking problem not through individual willpower, but through a power greater than ourselves. However, everyone defines this power as he or she wishes. Many people call it God, others think it is the A.A. group, still others don't believe in it at all. There is room in A.A. for people of all shades of belief and nonbelievers.

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